Special Offers

Add an Aura Photo to a Chakra Awareness Reading

The reading will help to bring awareness to your chakras system. You will be able to understand the function of your chakras and how to clear the imbalances in your daily life. In addition, you will receive a Chakra Stones Pouch.

  • Aura Photo 23 page report (regular price $29)
  • Chakra Awareness reading 30 minutes (regular price $75)
  • Chakra Stones Pouch (regular price $11.95)
    Total Price $115.95

Special $98



Add an Aura Photo to a Chakra Balancing Session

A transformative healing session to open, balance and clear the seven major chakras. Using our own special essential oil formulas, crystals and sounds, you will experience a deeper awareness of the energy flow within–a unique opportunity to feel the vibrancy of the chakras in their natural alignment. In addition, you will receive a bottle of Chakra Balancer Essence specially chosen for you.

  • Aura Photo 23 page report (regular price $29)
  • Chakra Balancing 60 minutes (regular price $149)
  • Chakra Balancer Spray Oil (regular price $14.95)
    Total Price $192.95

Special: $165