Aura Readings

Additional Psychic Reading with a gifted Sedona Psychic

Your Aura Photo and a detailed 22-page report explains the meaning behind the colors of your aura.  The report offers insights into the different aspects of your energy field, and provides an overview of your personality characteristics and tendencies. The report also details the size, shape and strength of your chakra system.

To get even more in-depth interpretations, we recommend getting an Psychic Reading with one of our gifted psychics. The reader would briefly review the report with you and tune into your energy field directly. They can offer valuable information to help explain why certain colors are appearing in your energy field, and provide additional insights to help strengthen your Aura.


Aura Photo $36
Includes: two images, 22-page report, personal crystal, chakras guide pamphlet


Available in 16 languages

No appointment required!