Aura Size and Shape

Advanced Aura Interpretation

(Included in your 23 pages report)

Brightness and Intensity of the Aura

The lightness, brightness and intensity of the aura and all aura colors present is important. Usually bright, radiant aura colors reflect the positive, harmonious meaning for each color. Dark, muddy aura colors usually reflect the disharmonious aspects of each color. For example: Bright red is related to will­power, high energy, action. Dark muddy Red is connected to physical, emotional and mental stress.

Size of the Aura

A large aura extending almost to the edge of the Aura Chakra Image shows a large, high energy field. You might experience a strong radiance and others notice you. Your energy is expanded and wide.
A small aura shows a more introverted and internalized energy. Life Energy is probably low, plus other stresses might be present.

Areas of the Aura

Center (Base Aura Color)

The color in the center of the Aura Image (around the physical body) represents a person’s base Aura color. Most people have one dominant Aura color most of the time. This color represents a deeper layer of the personality. It shows who you really are and what your deep inner feelings, goals, and desires are.

Left Side (Female- Yin)

The left side of the body (as seen on the left side of your picture) represents the feminine, passive, introverted pole. You receive and absorb these energies. These colors represent the frequency that flows into your field, indicating a connection with your future or situation to come.

Right Side (Male-Yang)

The right side of the body (as seen on the right side of your picture) represents the masculine, active, extroverted pole. Colors here represent the qualities you express and project to others. It is how others perceive you.

Heart (Feelings-Emotions)

The colors of the heart represent your ability to give and receive love. They show how you experience and express your deepest feelings.


Above Head (Thoughts-Beliefs)

The colors around the head represent the mind and the mental activity that you express. How do you think? What kind of thought patterns are in your head? It also shows your inspirations and goals, things you want to achieve in life.